Electric Vehicle Charging


The UK has registered over 75,000 electric vehicles, and this number is growing significantly. This has caused a huge demand for EV Charging stations at home, in work and public spaces too. 


There are currently four main EV charging types to choose from:

  • Slow (up to 3kW): Which is best suited for 6-8 hours’ overnight
  • Fast (7-22kW): Which can fully recharge some models in 3-4 hours
  • Rapid AC and DC (43-50kW): Which are able to provide an 80% charge in around 30 minutes.


Why should you install EV charging stations?

  • Brand Awareness: This can attract consumers to your branch, by having a shop nearby this allows them to browse while they wait for their car to charge
  • New Income Stream: Our EV units give you the ability to charge customers for their use, this can create additional revenue
  • Reduced CO₂: You can reduce your carbon emissions and fuel costs by switching company vehicles to EV, and by installing EV units at your workplace this will benefit staff too
  • Increase Tourism: Councils can help increase local tourism by installing EV units around town. By registering on the national database, this can attract EV owners travelling nearby


Good for business. Good for the environment.
EV Charging Units help to support the uptake of electric vehicles. Unlike petrol or diesel vehicles, they offer a much cleaner, greener way to travel. Installing such a system won’t only do wonders for your business, it’ll do wonders for the environment too.

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