Battery Storage


This is an energy storage system for those who want to take control of their energy supply and reduce reliance on the grid. It enables energy to be stored during periods of low demand and utilised when required, offering more flexibility over electricity usage compared to existing renewable technology. Our battery systems are built to handle installations on a variety of scales from domestic up to large MW commercial properties.


Battery Storage has been designed with compatibility in mind, allowing easy integration with existing renewable technology to maximise onsite use of generated electricity. For example, a solar PV array fitted with battery storage technology allows energy to be harnessed and stored during the day when yield is high and demand is low. Once the sun is gone and yield is ceased, the battery offers a new source of energy rather than buying from the grid.


Understanding how to effectively measure and integrate this type of technology can be confusing. From surveying and design through to installation and maintenance, Emtec Energy can offer a complete turnkey solution. By assessing your energy usage, we can use the latest modelling and design tools to install a cost-effective system that’s built for the future.


How Battery Storage Works


  • Energy is produced, converted and fed to the distribution board through renewable technology
  • Electricity is supplied to your property as normal. When this exceeds demand a control system diverts the power to the battery
  • Once immediate electricity demand exceeds generation levels, power will be drawn from the battery
  • When the battery is full, any surplus electricity is fed back to the grid as normal


The Benefits of Battery Storage


  • Energy Independence: Reduce dependence on the grid
  • Easy Integration: Easily installed to existing technology
  • Increase savings: Maximises use of generated electricity
  • Better for the environment: Reduce your carbon footprint

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