Solar PV


Solar PV harnesses the suns energy converting it to usable electricity within your home or business and reduces your energy usage and overall energy costs.  Solar energy is healthier for the environment than traditional fossil related forms of energy.


How does a Solar Photovoltaic system work?

  • Daylight hits the photovoltaic system and converts to clean energy
  • The inverter converts solar electricity from direct current to alternating current for use in your building
  • Renewable energy is used during the day and at night electricity is imported as normal
  • Connection to the electricity network allows any excess power to be fed back to the grid


Are Solar Panels suitable for me?

We take various factors into account when advising on solar energy. Our reputation as a solar installer is extremely important to us and we will not sell you a solar system that is not suitable.


Good for business. Good for the environment.

Solar PV offers a much cleaner, greener way to produce energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it is kind to the environment. Installing such a system won’t only do wonders for your energy bills, it’ll do wonders for the environment too.

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