Solar Thermal


Solar Thermal technology is used to convert the sun’s heat and light energy into thermal energy. This can be stored and subsequently turned into electricity to use at a later time. Solar energy not only reduces your energy usage and overall energy costs, but it is healthier for the environment than traditional fossil related forms of energy.


How does a Solar Thermal system work?

  • Solar radiation is absorbed from the sun and collected through tubes within the solar thermal system
  • The tubes transport this heat energy to a water-heating system, to be stored and used around the building
  • Heating and hot water is supplied throughout the day from the storage facilities, if this runs out the energy is imported as normal
  • Connection to the electricity network allows any excess power to be fed back to the grid


Good for business. Good for the environment.

Solar Thermal offers a much cleaner, greener way to produce heat energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it is kind to the environment. Installing such a system won’t only do wonders for your energy bills, it’ll do wonders for the environment too.

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