Emtec Group are a building services and engineering contractor providing professional, quality and cost-efficient services throughout the UK. The following companies operate as part of the Emtec Group:

•    Emtec Group Management 
•    Emtec Branding 
•    Emtec Facility Services
•    Emtec Building Services 
•    Emtec Core & Protect 
•    Emtec Fire Systems
•    DRB UK Maintenance 
•    Emtec Property Services
•    Emtec Ecology 
•    Emtec Solutions
•    Emtec Energy
•    Emtec Building Services (NE) 
•    Emtec Building Services (Midlands)
•    Emtec Building Services (SW)  

Emtec Group takes a responsible interest in the environmental impact of our business activities and we are committed to making a positive contribution towards environmental improvement and sustainable development in all our projects. Emtec Group seeks to act in accordance with good practice, preserving and where possible, enhancing the quality of the environment. 

Where Emtec Group are involved in the design or promotion of new projects, our environmental impact is a prime consideration and we are committed to working closely with our supply chain, sub-contractors and local communities to develop sustainable environmental practices and solutions.

Emtec Group Environmental Policy applies to all group companies. The Managing Director of each Emtec Group company is responsible for implementing the Environmental Policy within their business.

Emtec Group is committed to achieving continual improvement of the Environmental Management System and its environmental performance, leading to the prevention of pollution. Emtec Group will adopt appropriate measures to fulfil our statutory obligations and ensure appropriate liaison and co-operation with relevant authorities.

Managing Directors of each Emtec Group company have overall responsibility and authority for the environmental performance of the company.

Emtec Group are committed to ensuring all operations are carried out in compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, corporate directives, approved codes of practice, appropriate customer specifications and other requirements.

Emtec Group aims to:

Produce environmental action plans with realistic and achievable objectives and targets, which are appropriate to business circumstances.  It will monitor, review and update these plans annually.

Use resources efficiently and take opportunities to minimise waste through reduce, re-use and re-cycling.

Actively involve employees and those working on behalf of the company, ensure appropriate training is given to raise awareness and provide an appreciation of environmental issues.

The policy is the direct concern of all employees and management shall communicate and consult with employees on environmental issues.

The Environmental Policy Statement is consistent with Emtec Group policies and is available to members of the public and other interested parties on request.

Emtec Group are committed to achieving ISO14001:2015 accreditation within each of its group companies.

Joe Workman
Group Director