Maintenance & Repair


Sign maintenance is an important part of Emtec Brandings after sales service.  We can arrange a sign maintenance schedule to help keep your sign in pristine condition allowing it to continue providing years of valuable service.
When preparing a maintenance schedule we take a number of factors into consideration.  These factors include the type of sign, manufacturing materials used, and its location, all of which help us to determine the best service plan for your signage.  Through a carefully planned maintenance schedule you can extend the service life of your product.

Our maintenance schedules are tailor made to your company's individual requirements.  The frequency can range from annual visits to as often as every 3 months.  The service can vary from a light clean through to a thorough cleaning and the replacement of internal components.
We also offer a neon signs maintenance service where we will check the electrical connections and repair or replace lamps at the end or nearing the end of their useable life span.


From time to time signs can get damaged.  There are a number of reasons for this including vandalism, high winds, water damage, and accidents.  We can carry out sign repairs, replacing or repairing letters, panels, fixings, and aluminium extrusions leaving your sign looking as good as new.  Repairing your sign can be a cost effective alternative to replacing a damaged or broken sign.  We can arrange a site visit to assess your requirements and inform you of the best course of action.